A collection of media and press on EL GRAN MONO and picó sound system culture.

Inside Colombia’s Technicolor Picó Soundsystem Culture
A short film behind the scenes of Colombia's turbo-charged Caribbean-influenced picò sound system culture. Directed by OKOU Cavé and produced by SocietyFilms for The Vinyl Factory.

Picó: El Documental (The Documentary)
Essential, award winning Colombian documentary on the ‘Caribbean Music Machine’ from LaPost Estudio and Panoramika (English subtitles). 

Picó: La Máquina musical del Caribe - Así se arma un soundsystem
(Picó: The Musical Machine of the Caribbean - This is how a soundsystem is built)
Short excerpt from ‘Picó: El Documental’ on how the sound systems are built (English subtitles).

Picó: Un parlante de África en América - Documental
(Picó: A speaker from Africa in America - Documentary)
Directed by Invernomuto & Jim C. Nedd in 2017, and focusing on the Colombian tradition of picó. The documentary is preceeded by 30min of discussion in Spanish. The film features English subtitles.

All Ears Episode 4: That Picó Sound!
This episode looks at the distinct music and cultural diaspora that created picó, the power of music to connect people and bridge class divides, and Colombia’s increasing connection to Australia. Featuring interviews with EL GRAN MONO co-creators Tom Noonan, and Johnny El Pajaro.

Worldwide FM - Picó: Edna Martinez with El Gran Mono
The protagonist of this episode is EL GRAN MONO, a picó from Melbourne painted by El Maestro Gutierrez and it's the first of its kind to be built outside Colombia. There is at the beginning an interview with Tom and Johnny of its crew (in English and in Spanish), after that we will enjoy listening to a set delivered by Carlo Xavier.

ABC News Australia - Pico Sound Systems Being Forced Abroad (September 2018)
Some of the factors influencing local government opposition to picó culture in Colombia.

Broadsheet - Verbena Picótera (December 2018)
The launch of EL GRAN MONO at Whiteheart Bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Broadsheet - Soundsystem Giants (March 2021)
The meeting of El Gran Mono and Heartical Hi-Powa in a unity of Caribbean sound system styles.

William “El Maestro” Gutierrez
Focus by the Fukafra blog on the expert artist behind EL GRAN MONO and many of the greatest picó sound systems of Colombia.

Fabian Altahona Romera’s Africolombia
Fabian is a central figure in picó culture, and his Africolombia is an essential source of information.


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